We take our responsibility to educate very seriously and are committed to providing Continuing Professional Development to the highest standards. All personnel attending an Ash & Lacy technical seminar will automatically receive a CPD certificate.

Below is our seminar request form, which enables you to arrange for our CPD presentation to take place on your premises as a “lunch and learn” session (we will provide the lunch). Choose from any of the seminar modules outlined below the form.

Alternatively, three of these presentations can be viewed online and you can apply for CPD points by answering five questions.

CPD Seminar Request Form

Combined Roofing & Cladding Systems

This technically focused presentation covers the following topics:

– Introducing combined roofing and cladding systems.
– What is twin-skin roofing?
– Components and benefits.
– Specifying combined roofing and cladding systems.

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A Guide to Specifying Metal Rainscreen Façade Systems – The Right Way

This technically focused presentation delves into the following topics:

– Benefits of metal rainscreen cladding.
– How to properly ventilate rainscreen facades.
– System options & features.
– How to detail high performance support systems.
– Specification, performance and testing requirements.

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Specification Confidence for brick cladding systems

This technically focused presentation focuses on the following topics:

– What is mechanically fixed brick cladding.
– Installing mechanically fixed brick slips.
– The creativity that mechanically fixed brick cladding offers.
– Specification, performance and testing.

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