We take our responsibility to educate very seriously and are committed to providing Continuing Professional Development to the highest standards. All personnel attending an Ash & Lacy Building Systems technical seminar will automatically receive a CPD certificate. Should any of the following CPD Seminar modules be of interest, please email CPD@ashandlacy.com giving the seminar title and three suggested dates.

Brick Cladding Systems – The Mechanical Concept

This technically focused seminar considers the features and benefits of lightweight mechanically fixed brick cladding systems as a modern method of constructing a brick façade.

The presentation covers: the principles of installation, typical detailing, design flexibility, aesthetic features, technical properties and performance testing for compliance.

Zip your way to a sustainable future

This is a practical consideration of Zip Up built up systems, to enable you and your team to design, and specify Zip Up Standing Seam Systems. The presentation covers contributions to BREEAM ratings, Green Guide ratings, thermal performance, system build ups & robust perimeter detailing to reduce C02 emissions.

Explaining how air tightness details can be achieved in a number of differing locations around the building, based on a plywood deck, liner sheet, structural tray, and structural decking, whilst providing both a non-acoustic and acoustic solution.

Good Practice in Lightweight Structural Frame Design & Installation over Existing Roofs

This is a practical consideration of Good Practice in Lightweight Structural Frame: Design & Installation of over roofing systems.

An overview of lightweight over-roofing construction techniques