NaturAL-X Brick Cladding

Now BBA Certified
A lightweight, mechanically-fixed brick cladding system delivering all the benefits of natural clay brick. Featuring unique clay brick slips and 6063T6 grade aluminium support rails, the system is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Whilst delivering advantages associated with rainscreen cladding, including reduced installation times and associated costs, NaturAL-X brick slip cladding realises a truly desirable finish.

Ash & Lacy are members of the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology), and the design of all our Façade systems adhere to CWCT design principles.

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Brick cladding CPD

  • Mechanically secured, through-coloured, natural clay brick slips.
  • Tough and lightweight 6063T6 grade aluminium rail support system.
  • Pre-spaced 10mm vertical and horizontal mortar joints.
  • Delivers the colour-fast stability and natural weathering behaviour of a traditional clay brick finish.
  • Easy to install, minimising time on site and the associated labour costs.
  • Over fifty percent lighter than traditional masonry, reducing structural load.
  • Fire tested by Warringtonfire – Classified A1 to EN 13501-1.
  • BBA Certified.
  • Satisfies the requirements of NHBC Standards Part 6 Superstructure (excluding roofs), Chapter 6.9 Curtain walling and cladding.

NaturAL-X brick slips are available in a desirable range of colours, multi-patterns and surface textures including:

  • Single colours: Red, Buff, Brown, Grey, White, Black.
  • Multi colours: Red Multi, Buff Multi.
  • Textures: Smooth, Dragfaced, Sandfaced, Glazed.

To view the full range of colours, view our system guide.

System Properties
System weight – 58kg/m2
Resistance to wind loading – 2.4kN/m2

Brick Properties
Frost resistance – Fully resistant (Tested to EN ISO 10545-12: 1997)
Water absorption – 6.40% (Tested to EN ISO 10545-3:1995)
Breaking strength – 345N (Tested to EN ISO 10545-4:2014)
Thermal expansion – 4.6 x 10-6°C (Tested to EN ISO 10545-8:2004)
Reaction to fire – Class A1

Brick Criteria
Standard brick face dimensions – 215mm x 65mm
Corner brick face dimensions – 102 x 215 x 65mm
Brick thickness – 28mm

Design Criteria
Maximum vertical support centres – 600mm
Maximum bracket centres – 600mm
Brick rail length – 3000mm
Top rail length – 3000mm
Starter rail length – 3000mm
Bracket adjustment range – 40mm-300mm
Movement joints – Maximum 6m
Building substrates – Masonry, Concrete, SFS

CAD details are available to suit specific requirements. For more information, please contact our technical department.

Details include options for support systems, as well as alternative arrangements for cappings, windows and other openings, corners and cill/base conditions. Details can be manipulated to suit various requirements; our drawing office can provide special details on a project related basis to suit almost any cladding design.

All Ash & Lacy Façade products carry a warranty, either for the products supplied directly, or from the supply chain partners.

The Ash & Lacy IntegrAL warranty gives total confidence in the materials and products supplied. All products are covered by the Warranty and the Approved Contractor Network provides surety that everything is correctly installed. All Approved Contractors undergo training by Ash & Lacy in the handling, use and installation of their products.

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