LINEAL-X Extruded Plank

LineAL-X offers designers the ultimate in flatness and precision, delivering a rainscreen plank system with the impressive accuracy inherent with extruded aluminium, combined with a unique fast-track installation method. LineAL-X comprises a flat faced interlocking linear plank, mechanically fixed to an adjustable support system for both horizontal and vertical applications. Available in a spectrum of finishes including Terracotta lookalike PPC, panels can also be fitted with end caps to provide an option of a cassette aesthetic.

Ash & Lacy are members of the CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology), and the design of all our Façade systems adhere to CWCT design principles.

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Optimal Applications

  • Long, narrow, linear planks.
  • Interchangeable vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Repeatable modules.
  • High impact, low zone wall cladding.
  • Variety of face profiles & shapes achievable.
  • Fast installation method.

Fire Tested by Warringtonfire

  • Classified A1 to EN 13501-1 Solid aluminium with no coating applied or with anodised coating applied.
  • Classified A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1 Solid aluminium with PPC coating applied.
  • A1 Rated Anodised Aluminium
  • A2 Rated Powder Coated Aluminium

The following are indicative based on typical system arrangements, please contact our technical team to discuss individual project requirements.

LineAL-X Panel Sizes

Modules (H) Max Length Min Length
65mm (75) 6000mm 500mm
140mm (150) 6000mm 500mm
190mm (200) 6000mm 500mm
240mm (250) 6000mm 500mm
290mm (300) 6000mm 500mm

NOTE: Panels up to 12m length may be considered upon request. Seek confirmation from your Ash & Lacy representative.

Adjustable Support Systems

T Rails
Length: 3000 – 6000mm
Leg: 40 – 80mm
Face: 80 – 140mm

L Rails
Length: 3000 – 6000mm
Leg: 60mm
Face: 40mm

Bracket Range
AxiAL bracket range = 90mm – 300mm

Panel Joint Options Standard Max. Min.
Panel Interlock 10mm 20mm 3mm
Vertical Joint 10mm 25mm 3mm

NOTE: 3mm minimum vertical joint is not achievable where end caps are used.

CAD details are available to suit specific requirements. For more information, please contact our technical department.

Details include options for support systems, as well as alternative arrangements for cappings, windows and other openings, corners and cill/base conditions. Details can be manipulated to suit various requirements; our drawing office can provide special details on a project related basis to suit almost any cladding design.

All Ash & Lacy Façade products carry a warranty, either for the products supplied directly, or from the supply chain partners.

The Ash & Lacy IntegrAL warranty gives total confidence in the materials and products supplied. All products are covered by the Warranty and the Approved Contractor Network provides surety that everything is correctly installed. All Approved Contractors undergo training by Ash & Lacy in the handling, use and installation of their products.

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