The AshJack over-roofing conversion system has been the choice option for two decades. Progressive system innovation has ensured that it remains undefeated, providing a new and enhanced lease of life for the widest possible range of failed flat roofs, in both the public and private sectors.

BBA-Certified AshJack is the ideal flat-to-pitch solar conversion system and can form a perfect stand alone solar array support system on solar farms – the most economical way to “go green” and reduce energy costs, while the existing flat roof remains in situ. The additional insulation layer(s) that AshJack facilitates make a valuable further contribution to energy savings.

  • A permanent, quickly installed & weathertight solution to flat roof failure.
  • Systems individually designed & tailored to suit structural requirements.
  • Major clients within the NHS, MOD, MOJ/food store retailers/private developers.
  • Propped rafter/ultra-light spanning truss system options.
  • Full solar PV support.
  • Highly cost-effective option, especially where public spending cuts are being imposed.
  • Minimal disruption to building occupants.
  • Dramatically upgrades building aesthetics.
  • Accepts the widest variety of roof finishes, from metal cladding, to real/simulated tiles & slates.
  • Upgrade thermal performance, in full compliance with the latest building regulation requirements.
  • Life of building considerably extended & future maintenance costs reduced.
  • Ideal for new build – lightweight alternative to timber trusses or heavy hot rolled sections.
  • The perfect roof solution for modular “off-site” building construction.
  • Accommodates sedum green roofs.
  • Technical support includes design/ take-offs/site surveys/planning drawings/ elevational drawings.
  • BBA & LANTAC approvals.
  • SCI assessed.



Lightweight flat-to-pitch over-roof conversion systems were first developed in the late 1980’s and have been used extensively throughout the public and private sector as a permanent refurbishment solution for failed flat roofs.

By constructing a lightweight steel subframe over the existing roof (which is then over-clad), an effective pitch is created to facilitate water run-off.

This combined with the relocation of drainage to the outside of the building ensures water is permanently removed from a roof and the potential for any further problems eliminated. Developed by Ash & Lacy in 1991, AshJack was the first structural lightweight flat-to-pitch over-roof conversion system to be introduced in the UK. Supported by a network of experienced installers, AshJack provides a range of systems, which can be individually tailored to suit the specific structural and design requirements of the existing building.

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