AshGrid™ was the first spacer system for built-up metal roofing and cladding developed for the building envelope market. AshGrid™ has maintained its market leading position since its launch through a continued programme of research and innovative development.

As part of this programme, a new ABV Bracket has been introduced, incorporating four points of contact with the bar and requires no sway brackets. The ABV Bracket is available in a range of depths from 180mm-400mm to comply with any building regulations.

The installation is a simple three step method which saves time and costs for onsite construction. A new SafeLoc bar and bracket has also been introduced, tight fitting and reliable bar connections are essential to ensure the stability of all spacer systems during constructions.

Unlike some systems that rely on fixings to prevent the bars separating the enhanced AshGrid™ AG40 spigot design with its new SafeLoc security feature provides enhanced structural performance and reduces risks on site at the click of a tab.

Manufactured to the highest standards including BS EN ISO 9001:2008, all AshGrid™ components are produced to Ash & Lacy design and performance specifications following stringent quality control procedures. Offering a wide range of bracket height and an assessed firewall solution, AshGrid™ is available nationwide from strategically positioned manufacturing locations.

  • Built-Up Flat Roofing Systems
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Firewalls – Available with Glass Wool or Stone Wool
  • Built-Up Cladding Systems
  • Pitched Roofing


  • New Safe-Loc™ spigots – fast, secure & safe bar joints with no requirement for fixings
  • Ensures maximum spigot efficiency is always achieved & maintained
  • High performance brackets – deeper ribs for improved structural performance
  • Full solar PV support
  • No requirement for anti-sway brackets below 250 mm construction
  • Extensive range of bracket heights from 60 mm to 280 mm
  • Range of adjustable brackets from 100mm to 315mm
  • Comprehensive range of roof, wall & firewall solutions
  • UK industry standard – more 55 million metres installed over 15 years
  • Technical back-up & nationwide distribution
  • Strong, simple, cost-effective solutions – the contractors preferred choice

AshGrid™ AG40 Bar

1.25mm thick high yield galvanised steel
Supplied in Lengths of 1m,2m & 3m

AshGrid™ AB40 Bracket

1.6mm thick galvanised steel
Supplied with a 3mm thick EPDM base thermal isolator pad
Bracket Depths (mm) – 60, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250 & 280

ABV Bracket

1.6mm Thick Galvanised Steel
Bracket Depths (mm) –  180-400 in 20mm increments

BX48 Bar

1.25mm thick high yield galvanised steel
Supplied in 6m Lengths

BX48 Brackets

2.0mm thick galvanised steel
Supplied with a 2mm thick EPDM base thermal isolator pad or 10mm Rockwool Pad (Firewall Systems)
Bracket Depths (mm) – 119, 139, 159, 179 & 199

TH40 Bar

1.25mm thick high yield galvanised steel
Supplied in 6m Lengths

TH40 Brackets

2.0mm thick galvanised steel
Bracket height – 135mm

U Value Requirements

W/m²K Roof Vertical Walls Horizontal Walls (BX48)
0.16 280
0.18 240
0.20 220 210
0.25 180 170 180
0.26 170 160 180
0.35 130 120 140

Wind Load Calculations

To guarantee the structural integrity of AshGrid™ roofing and cladding systems, a wind load calculation is required to ensure the correct centres of our AshGrid™ brackets are determined to withstand the loads.

Please click here to download a project checklist, which can be completed and submitted to us, together with project drawings, by clicking here.

To make an enquiry concerning your calculation requirements, please complete the form below:

The AshGrid™ range of support systems are supported by our IntegrAL Warranty to give confidence in the materials and products supplied. For specific details please contact Ash & Lacy Technical.

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