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Roofing fixings system – Why is choosing the right one is so important?

Visual appeal may be of considerable importance when a roof covering is being specified, for the obvious reason that it’s the most visible part of the construction. However, it’s important not to forget that any type of roofing system, whether it be flat, pitched or curved, consists of numerous components under the surface, all working to achieve the required technical and operational requirements of the roof structure.

Whilst it’s possible and often cheaper to source each individual component from different suppliers or manufacturers, taking this approach can increase the risk for designers and end clients. It’s important to have evidence that a roofing fixing system is tried, tested and warrantied when different components are being combined in a project-specific design.

A simple example in practice would be using the correct specification of roof covering material, but designing and installing it on the wrong pitch, so that rainwater is able to penetrate. Or alternatively, using the correct roofing fixing, but not installed at the recommended centres, meaning the roof could potentially fail in strong winds or extreme weather.

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The performance of a roofing system relies heavily on all constituent parts working in harmony and within the scope of their tested capabilities. Ash & Lacy are able to provide proven, tested and guaranteed roofing systems and fixings, aiming to ensure peace of mind regarding performance, durability and longevity – all with the backing of a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What type of roofing fixings systems are available?

It may seem obvious, but the main function of a roof is to protect the interior of a building from weather and the elements. Particularly in the UK climate, adequate drainage is of upmost importance, which is often the reason for specifying a pitched roof, rather than a flat roof. However, both methods are widely used for varying building types.

The term ‘system’ can be used to describe all manner of materials and components that form the structural architecture of a roof. As a key component to the structural stability of the building, it is recommended that within the design process, special attention is given to the specification of the roofing fixing system as well as the covering.

In addition to the traditional pitched and flat roof construction methods, in recent years there has been a significant move towards panelised insulated roofing panels which are designed primarily to reduce installation time on site and simplify the construction. Panels of this nature can be used as structural components within the roof or secured to the structural roofing fixing system in the form of a covering.

The AshGrid Roofing Fixings System

AshGrid was the first spacer system for built-up metal roofing and cladding developed for the building envelope market. AshGrid has maintained its market leading position since its launch through a continued programme of research and innovative development.

Unlike some systems that rely on roofing fixings to prevent the bars separating, the enhanced AshGrid AG40 spigot design with its new SafeLoc security feature provides enhanced structural performance and reduces risks on site at the click of a tab.


  • New Safe-Loc™ spigots – fast, secure & safe bar joints with no requirement for fixings
  • Ensures maximum spigot efficiency is always achieved & maintained
  • High performance brackets – deeper ribs for improved structural performance
  • Full solar PV support
  • No requirement for anti-sway brackets below 250 mm construction
  • Extensive range of bracket heights from 60 mm to 280 mm
  • Range of adjustable brackets from 100mm to 315mm
  • Comprehensive range of roof, wall & firewall solutions
  • UK industry standard – more 55 million metres installed over 15 years


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Roofing Fixings from Ash Lacy

Ash & Lacy are one of the most experienced suppliers of roofing fixing systems within the UK. For more information about our range of products, please call our specialist advisor on:  Tel: 0121 525 1444