Important Notice

After a brief respite as the impacts of COVID seemed to be receding, we are facing new pressures on our supply chain across the board.

We have record levels of stock and have endeavoured to mitigate risks within our supply chains as much as possible. However, we are receiving price rises on a daily basis and warnings of anticipated volatility as the impact of the Ukraine invasion and associated sanctions develops.

We would recommend that customers are mindful of this when making commitments and fixing prices. It is practically impossible for us to do so on the majority of our products and we have limited space to hold increased stocks. Material availability is outside of our control and this is the period of greatest uncertainty that we have experienced. We would also urge customers to be open-minded on proposed alternatives (such as steel mounting systems versus aluminium). As always, we will work hard to maintain supply continuity but ask for patience and consideration whilst keeping in touch as much as possible.