Delivering acoustic performance at Heathrow UTC

On the periphery of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing airport hub, Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC offers students aged 14-19 the opportunity to study technically oriented courses with an emphasis on aviation engineering, maths and science.

A project of this nature presented several challenges: ensuring that the aesthetics of the facade delivered clean transition lines with both the roof and window units. The abutment of the seams to the window needed to incorporate vertical zip-up jambs, to match up with the window modules. The complex transition to the roof was alleviated by introducing pre-fabricated welded cranks, where sheets are cut and welded to the return angle under factory conditions, guaranteeing consistent quality and tolerances.

The roof build-up was carefully designed to achieve a specific acoustic performance level. A perforated liner profile and acoustic slab was used to assist with providing a clear audible, internal teaching environment. Ash & Lacy offer a large suite of test data which can provide sound absorption to a level of class A via our perforated liner systems, in conjunction with systems that offer high levels of airborne sound reduction and rain noise attenuation.

In line with our TotAL warranty offering, our technical department conducted a number of site audits during installation giving the client confidence, as the risk of latent defects being built into the construction can be greatly reduced through strict adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines.