Building new alliances in MMC

Following continued work and growth in supplying roofing and cladding products and systems to support the modular and offsite sector, we are pleased to announce that Ash & Lacy is now an officially certified member and collaborative partner of the Offsite Alliance.

Since being established at the end of 2019 the principle achievement has been to lobby Homes England and ensure that funds for Offsite SME’s were included in the recent statement by the Chancellor. In recent months, the Offsite Alliance has officially helped to raise £80 million to be directly allocated to MMC and are now working on the next initiative, which is aimed at supporting a number of sites that will feature mmc and modular residential units from a broad array of members.

The Offsite Alliance was formed in 2020 as a non-for profit organisation representing offsite and modular ‘residential unit’* suppliers in the UK – all of whom use modern methods of construction.
(*covering both houses and apartments)

The Offsite Alliance works alongside leading organisations, industry bodies, government, local authorities, housing associations and most importantly its members to increase the uptake and delivery of Offsite technologies across the residential sector.

Together we promote best practice, share innovation, and work together to create the high quality, sustainable homes of the future. Collaboratively we create the new skills needed to fuel a revolution in housing, inspiring generations to join the new and exciting world of manufactured construction.

1. To promote best practice, share innovation and insight and work together to help create better quality housing for the UK in the volumes needed.

2. To help promote high quality industry and environmental standards, shared terminology, and standardised measurements.

3. To co-ordinate and present the views of the Offsite Alliance to government (national and local) the construction sector, planners, mortgage providers, property lenders, developers and architects. The Alliance aims to be the direct voice of the sector. From the actual makers and suppliers to the market.

4. To develop an inter-industry ‘underwriting scheme’ allowing customer orders to be transferred from one manufacturer to another if necessary, and therefore giving customers of the sector greater security that their orders will be delivered.

5. To develop a standardised range of licence-free ‘open source’ low-cost residential unit designs that can be supplied by multiple operators in the offsite sector. Thus, creating the scale of supply needed for high volume customers (HA’s etc).

We look forward being part of this movement to promote best practice, share innovation and insight and work together to help create better quality housing for the UK now and in the future.

But for now, we’re pleased to share some examples of the recent and ongoing modular or unitised construction project that we’ve enjoyed being a part of, all of which exemplify the clear benefits of modern methods of construction.

Castle Park View, Bristol
Currently in progress, the tallest residential tower in Bristol, built by Bouygues is being enveloped in unitised façade panels encapsulating A1 rated Mechslip brick cladding in a bespoke arrangement, the unitised panels are fully assembled and finished offsite ready for craning and hooking into position on site. CPV is due for completion in 2021.

Lewisham Exchange, London

Set to become the tallest modular building in Europe, Lewisham Exchange in London will stand at 102.9m tall and we be built entirely using modern methods of construction developed by Vision Modular. The cladding system specified for the external façade is the A1 rated Mechslip brick cladding, with all the rail system components currently being preassembled offsite in modular arrangements, requiring minimal deliveries to site.