Ash & Lacy’s Powder Coating Process Receives Multiple Applicator Approvals

Following the company’s recent introduction of a dedicated polyester powder coating line, Ash & Lacy has now received applicator approvals from several globally recognised powder coating manufacturers.

This means that our powder coatings are accredited to the stringent criteria set by Akzo Nobel, Valspar, Syntha Pulvin, Axalta and Adapta.

The rigorous testing process for each of the suppliers involved chemical pre-treatment of panels and extrusion samples, followed by controlled automated powder coating application through the line.

Control samples were then collected by powder supplier representatives in each instance and sent to various laboratories for testing of both mechanical properties and salt spray performance. In the case of salt spray, testing was conducted over a six-week period.

While the laboratory tests were ongoing, each supplier sent an auditor to Ash & Lacy to carry out process checks. An initial preliminary visit was made, followed by a full audit.

Successful audits were then followed by equally satisfactory laboratory test results, with the result that Ash & Lacy powder coating is now confirmed as meeting the exacting requirements of all the company’s powder suppliers.

Ash & Lacy’s powder coating process encompasses the latest legislative and environmental performance requirements for the industry, utilising a 5-stage pre-treatment process including demineralised water and Chemetall chrome-free chemistry. The very latest GEMA automated electrostatic application guns guarantee efficient powder application, as well as reduced energy consumption ensuring optimum powder delivery combined with superb quality finish.

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