Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium Fabrication Roof Ash and Lacy

At Ash & Lacy we offer aluminium fabrication services to our customers, ensuring that you get the perfect product for your needs.  We focus on competitive pricing, rapid delivery, and excellent finishing for our flashings and fabrications to suit roofing and cladding.

Architectural fabrications can have a significant impact on the overall presentation and performance of a structure, often improving both aesthetic properties and functionality.  Our aluminium fabrication focuses on design interface compatibility and that it is achieved for all the individual components.

Fabrications offered by Ash & Lacy include:

  • Plain mill or coated in thicknesses of 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm & 3.0mm.
  • Pre-coated Aluminium 0.9mm, 1.6mm & 2.0mm pre-coated in a selected range of colours.
  • Other Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is also available, either coated or plain mill finish, where flatness is a consideration


Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium is the most abundant metal available on Earth and contributes to about 8% of the planet’s surface by weight.  This metal is considered exceptional due to its low density and ability to defy corrosion.  It is considered an ideal metal for roofing fabrications especially as it is environmentally friendly and well tolerated by animals and plants. Our fabrications are effectively 100% recyclable.

Our processes produce a wide range of world-class products that include:

Rainwater Systems, Flashings and Gutters

We can supply fabrication products to fit your specific needs including smooth curved flashings, trims down-pipes, brackets, gutters, facia gutters and rain-guards.  We can also fold flashings to virtually any shape to meet your specific requirements.  We also specialise in TPO membrane lined insulated gutter systems and soakers

Architectural Features

Our aluminium fabrication works also develops a wide range of architectural features including, bullnoses, column cases, soffits, curved fascias, and angular direction changers.

Solar Shading Solutions

Our mesh products are perfect for solar shading.  In particular, solar shadings let you manage how much sunlight reaches the glass – reducing heat exposure in the hotter months while still letting in light and warmth during cooler periods.  All our solar shading solutions are aesthetic and structurally integrated to augment a building’s façade and are functionally optimised for performance.

All aluminium fabrication is fully integrated with our AshGrid roof and wall cladding systems

The Future of Aluminium Fabrication

Here at Ash & Lacy we have advanced research programmes that are constantly looking for new ways to improving our production processes.  We are focused on integrating sustainability into our systems by maximising recyclability, minimising energy use and developing environmentally friendly systems designed for rainwater harvesting.   Our QHSE processes meet the ISO:14001:2015 Environmental Management System requirements, as part of our commitment to sustainability and also contributes to BREEAM.

Aluminium Fabrication from Ash Lacy Construction

Bespoke Aluminium Fabrication Solutions

Using precisions CNC engineering, Ash & Lacy can provide bespoke solutions custom-created and engineered to provide a perfect-fit solution to your roofing and guttering requirements.

For more information about our Aluminium fabrication services please call our specialist advisor on:  Tel: 0121 525 1444