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Sports Hall, Chipping Sodbury School

Project Details

South Gloucestershire County Council

S&J Roofing

Standing Seam Wall & Roof Cladding, Acoustic Structural Deck, Perimeter Fabrications

This project, which was designed by the Council’s own Architects, is a striking addition to the existing secondary school. The design incorporated a sweeping curve detail to the monoridge lines in different radii. The implications of which needed a lot of thought and planning to enable the material to be fitted safely and enable a welded joint to be formed out of sight at the top of the curve. The sheets were formed both on site and at the factory depending on both the length and size of the radius required.

The roof and rear wall construction consisted of a structural deck which was perforated in some areas where sound absorption was important and solid in others. The perforated areas were covered with an acoustic slab and the whole roof and wall area was then covered in a fully sealed vapour control layer. Full height thermal halters were fixed via top hat spacer stools before laying 300mm thick Factoryclad 40 fibreglass insulation which was subsequently covered and compressed with the mechanically seamed 400 standing seam roofing sheets in 0.9mm stucco embossed mill finished aluminium. The overall construction was designed to achieve a 0.16W/m2K ‘U’ value. On completion of the roof and wall cladding ‘feature turrets’ were formed over roof fans designed to hide the fans and incorporate an opening leaf for access to maintain the fans. The ‘turrets’ were made up of segments which were supplied loose by Ash & Lacy in powder coated aluminium and then fixed to steel frame on the ground.