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Our operations are now largely back to normal, however the plight of many residents burdened with life-changing costs of replacing combustible cladding remains. If you are involved with a leaseholder funded recladding project please click here.

Case Studies

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Title: University of Brighton, Bioscience Building
Location: Brighton, Uk
Product: Facade
Title: Nottingham University, Energy Technologies Building
Location: Nottingham, UK
Product: Fabrications, Facade, Fixings
Title: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Manchester
Location: Manchester, UK
Product: Facade
Title: Thomas Ferens Academy
Location: Hull
Product: Facade
Title: The Silverstone Wing Building
Location: Northamptonshire, UK
Product: Fabrications, Facade, Screen
Title: Metropolitan Works, London Metropolitan University
Location: London, Uk
Product: Facade, Screen
Title: SportPark Building, Loughborough University
Location: Loughborough, UK
Product: Facade, Screen
Title: Christchurch Primary School
Location: Burton on Trent, UK
Product: Facade, Screen, Steel Frame Systems
Title: Elmhurst Ballet School
Location: Birmingham, UK
Product: AshGrid, Standing Seam
Title: Sandwell College
Location: Birmingham, UK
Product: Standing Seam
Title: David Livingstone School, Blantyre
Location: South Lanarkshire, UK
Product: Fabrications, Fixings, Standing Seam
Title: IKEA, Cardiff
Location: Cardiff, UK
Product: Fabrications
Title: Beacon Building
Location: Staffordshire, UK
Title: Kitchen Garden Enclosure, Genome Campus
Location: Cambridge, UK
Product: Facade, Screen
Title: Savoy Cinema
Location: Corby, UK
Product: Facade, Screen, Standing Seam
Title: Forbury Place
Location: Reading, UK
Product: Facade, Steel Frame Systems
Title: Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Location: Edinburgh
Product: AshGrid, Fabrications, Fixings, Standing Seam
Title: BioMed Realty
Location: Cambridge
Product: Facade, Screen
Title: Viking House, Lincoln
Location: Lincoln
Product: Facade, Steel Frame Systems
Title: Gateway Scheme, Lime Street, Liverpool
Location: Liverpool
Product: Facade, Screen, Steel Frame Systems