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AshScreen™ Provides the Finishing Touch at New Health Centre

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Built as part of the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) initiative and located in the heart of Hull, Wilberforce Health Centre provides an impressive setting for an NHS Medical Practice and Walk-In Centre, offering a wide range of services for both registered and unregistered patients.

The £16.5 million, multi-purpose project was designed, developed and delivered by Hull Citycare Ltd and its partners, on behalf of NHS Hull. It has been built on the site of a derelict office building and is seen as a beacon for ongoing regeneration in the surrounding area. The Centre also includes a café and ambulance services. Wilberforce Health Centre has been designed as an integration between the community and its urban environment, optimising functionality, sustainability and views to and from the site.

AshScreen™ perforated screens and supports from Ash & Lacy have been installed in a captivating arrangement of varying height, width and colour - a key design feature contributing to an attractive, welcoming facade for patients, staff and visitors.

AshScreen™ is the perfect, fully engineered, fast-track solution for enhancing or enclosing open spaces.Available in solid, perforated and expanded configurations, this architecturally-flexible system can be specified in a variety of attractive materials, patterns and finishes, transforming the structure.

Panels may be straight or curved, to suit any requirement. Contrasting panel types and finishes can be integrated in the same elevation, creating visually engaging features.

Ash & Lacy have formed a close partnership with Halcyon Building Systems, the cladding installation contractor at Wilberforce Health Centre. The two companies collaborated to deliver a solution that met both aesthetic and practical requirements.

The AshScreen™ perforated panels feature a purpose-designed hanging system, retrofitted to the substructure, which protrudes through the wall cladding.

The panels were fabricated in powder-coated aluminium trays in contrasting red and silver finishes, to create a stunning visual effect. 3mm gauge perforations were formed in a bespoke pattern.

Reflecting on the very attractive completed building, Austin Ford, Director of Halycon Building Systems, commented: “The project went extremely well and was delivered on time and on budget. Ash & Lacy co-ordinated material deliveries exactly when they were needed. What initially appeared to be a very difficult task went as smoothly as it possibly could."