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Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance


We are committed to sustainable development and continually monitor systems and review targets on an on-going basis. Meeting environmental legislation is an important part of this commitment, ensuring that current and future operations are conducted in a responsible manner that creates least impact upon the environment.

Materials used throughout the organisation are sourced from suppliers that meet specification requirements whilst maintaining sound, sustainable environmental practices.

Ash and Lacy Building Systems is also committed to the Business Environment Charter (BISNES) scheme in the West Midlands. It helps us to improve our environmental performance philosophy through the regulation and revision of company policies such as company cars, waste management and regular updates to the company environmental policy.

Ash & Lacy products are manufactured from steel and aluminium, which are completely recyclable at the end of the building's life and are procured from recyclable sources. Apart from water, aluminium is the most recycled material on the planet and forms the basis for Ash & Lacy's core rainscreen, standing seam and architectural fabrications product ranges.

Environmental Policy

Ash & Lacy’s Environmental policy was launched in 2003 with a commitment to the recycling of manufacturing and packaging waste.

Recently we have been involved with schemes and initiatives that demonstrate our activity in sustainable construction; ranging from links with rainwater harvesting solutions, involvement with one of the largest Standing seam Green roof projects in the UK to a ‘cradle to cradle’ packaging scheme with the supply of fasteners & accessories on recent projects. Our regionalised manufacturing depots also make a significant contribution to the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Footnote: The servers that host this site are environmentally sound, with the lowest possible carbon footprint. The background architecture behind the Ash & Lacy website has been designed to minimise the number of servers required and runs on 100% Green e-certified renewable energy.